Formula 567 is an easy-to-follow system for creating business success - even if you’ve never owned your own business before or been successful at it.


Author Chris Groote and his business partner Jamie Gilleland lay out a logical system for anyone who is ready to jump-start their business.

In it, you’ll learn the Five Business Rules and choose the Six Core Systems you’ll need to follow and deploy to create a Seven Figure Business.


Get it?

You will! With an easy to read structure, a simple and logical strategy, and an appendix filled with tools, Formula 567 takes the guesswork out of business success, no matter whether your company is brand new and on the drawing board or a second generation small business struggling for market share.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • The secret mental rules you must follow for business success.
  • The keys to transformational improvement in your company (not just incremental or temporary change)
  • A variety of strategies that will work for your company and your goals because one size does NOT fit all!
  • The importance of team and how to turn your people problems around and create people solutions in your organization.
  • How even a million-dollar business can be run with only a handful of people and virtually no overhead.
  • The value of setting the right goals.

Buy Formula 567 now and learn how to make business and money fun again!

Why does this work? Simple. Chris and Jamie spent years working with some of the top entrepreneurs and coaches in the world to develop Formula 567 and have used it successfully with dozens of clients. Now, they’re sharing these secrets with their readers to make it easier than ever to make your business more profitable than you ever thought.

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